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Hey everyone! After a few e-mail requests recently I decided to write a post about what I think the best program to unlock iPhone 4 or 4s is.

If you’re looking to jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone 4/4s, this can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not a huge tech geek. That’s why I’m only going to mention the absolute best, safest and simplest programs mentioned here.

All of the following will unlock your iPhone within a few minutes. The software is kept updated so that it works for the latest update of iOS versions. Also, all of the following programs work on any other iPhone version (including iPhone 3gs and 3g) and other apple Devices like iPads (all generations and versions).

The actual process you follow is very easy. You go through a detailed guide with pictures for every step you take. That makes sure that even if you’re not tech-savvy you’ll get through it easily. Unlocking your phone shouldn’t just be for tech nerds! :)

My personal opinion is that trying to unlock your iPhone yourself is too technical, risky and boring. You might end up making your phone useless (also called “bricking it” – i.e. making it about as useful as a brick…). You can lose your contacts information, texts and app data. Just not worth it. Use one of the following programs and get the job done in less than 5 minutes and have someone to guide you through the process. So here goes, from the best one and onwards:

1. Unlock Easy (our editor’s choice#1 Unlock for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s)

I’ve only recently found out about this software and website, and I find it to be almost too good to be true…

I used it to unlock my own (new and shiny) iPhone 4s, and also for 2 of my family member’s iPhone 4 (hi Dad!). It worked great when I tried to unloc my iPad, and even on a friend’s older generation iPhones (3g or 3gs, not sure right now). My point is that I know they work for more than just iPhone 4s, so if you ever buy another Apple product or already own a few (I’m an apple Fanboy) that’s very useful.

Following the download and installation of the unlocking software, the actual process is under 5 minutes to get your iPhone unlocked (that’s considered very quick by the way!). You just press the “Unlock” in the software, and let it do it’s charm. You’ve got 5 minutes to make yourself an instant coffee or do some stretches :)

Another good thing about Unlock Easy is that it does a full unlock (also referred to as a “jailbreak and unlock”). I won’t get too technology-nerd on you, but basically:

– Unlocking your iPhone allows you to use it with different providers SIM cards, not just the ones you signed a contract with. That way you can take advantage of better rates or use your iPhone abroad.

– Jailbreaking is the process allowing you to get apps from various app stores (not just the original Apple app store), add awesome functionality to your device most users won’t, and even get paid apps for free (although that’s considered piracy and we don’t really support it here at

– Some of the following unlock solutions only do an unlock but don’t jailbreak your iPhone. With Unlock easy the jailbreak is a cool bonus you get!

You can get your money back within 30 days of purchasing the program without any questions or hassles. The dude running the site is just a great guy who wants to help people with getting the most out of their iPhones. Their support definitely shows that – they’re super responsive and gave really long and detailed answers to my questions (including giving me information about doing some awesome stuff I didn’t even consider possible with my phone!). So good support – a definitely major plus in my books.

The program is very easy and simple to use, and following their instructions was a piece of cake (I don’t think anyone can get them wrong) – other unlock providers give guides that can be a headache to follow. The price was good and you get a lifetime membership – so that when Apple introduces a new iOS you can unlock that version too immediately. These guys just rock without being more expensive, and so I’m happy to give them a 9.5/10 (only God gets a 10 in my books). Click here to go to their site now

2. Jailbreak Unlock

This is a pretty decent iPhone unlocking solution. It used to be my favorite prior to finding Unlock Easy, so I decided to mention them. The process takes a bit longer to complete Рthey clocked 15 minutes on one occasion.

There are a few reasons which makes me put them at number 2:

– Their support staff can take a lot longer to respond. One time, my e-mails only got a response after over 24 hours (!!). That really sucked as I needed my iPhone working well and didn’t appreciate having to wait for it.

– Their step by step guide was OK, but there was one specific bit where I got a bit lost… Now I’m a pretty techy guy. I figured it out eventually (although it took me some stressful minutes). Why not just make simpler guides that everyone understands?

It’s probably a decent idea to use these guys if Unlock Easy’s website isn’t working and you need to get your iPhone unlocked this very minute. Overall the program works fine and the iPhones I used it on were unlocked without any problems. I’d rate them 7/10 – you can check out their website here.

3. iJailbreaktool

So. This unlock and jailbreak solution works – that’s probably the best I can say about it. I used it back in the day, and have found better alternatives since. The files were zipped in a weird format and it took me a while to understand how to install it. The instructions were (once again) quite techy to follow.

Customer service wasn’t as good as the other companies either. First off, it seemed to all be outsourced to overseas – you had to call a number in India for support. I wasn’t impressed. The second thing is that it took them a few days longer than the competition to update to the latest iOS software. So a bit slack on that department as well.

I give this product a 5/10. They probably could’ve gotten a higher ranking here, but their support and packaging of the product and instructions were plain sloppy..

Anyway… I’m off to dinner now after writing this review (my fingers hurt!). I hope I helped you guys with making a decision and I hope you enjoy your new unlocked iPhone :)

All the best,


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